• Disc springs DIN 2093

    Elastic disc springs DIN 2093 are pieces with a great accuracy. They are designed to work in a dynamic way supporting a high number of cycles.

    These conical springs provide an elastic axial strength proportional to deformation they suffer. Depending on your needs, it's possible to stack these springs in serial or in parallel to achieve the spring required. To know more about these springs consult: Disc Springs DIN 2093

  • Disc springs for bearings

    Disc springs for bearings areassembled with the ball bearings to act as retention devices. Disc springs act as a compensator of thermal expansions during their working.

    They also absorb ball bearings maintaining axial load recommended by the manufacturer of the bearing. Depending on its shape, we can show two different springs type: slotted and plain. To know more about it consults this link: Disc springs for bearings

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