We can make special disc springs both in dimension as in material depending on your needs. Equally we can advise you both in the dimensions as in the most adequate materials for your application. This depends on the temperature and corrosion. If you want to know more about competitive prices and reduced delivery time consult us.


We can see belleville springs or disc spring DIN 2093 standard on their catalogue. It’s possible to make measures not standard if they are proportional. This will allow to comply as well with the standard.

It’s possible to make springs from 6 to 600 mm of exterior diameter and from 0,2 to 37 mm of thickness.


In the catalogue, we have standard steels like CK67 and 51CrV4. Equally there are stainless steels like 1.4310 (AISI 301) and 1.4568 (17-7PH), that could be also considered standard.

It’s possible that we need other materials if our application presents special conditions. Depending on the case we can recommend some of them:

Corrosion: If the atmosphere of our application has a high corrosion level and the standard steels don't support it, even with anti-corrosion protection, we recommend to make the pieces in Inconel, which will give us the coverage we need.

Temperature: If the problematic is the temperature, the steel for high temperature (heat resistant steels) covers a big range in a reasonable cost.  If the temperature problematic is combined with corrosion, we would have to employ Inconel material.

In other cases there are other possibilities. However the cost and delivery time depend on the material type. For that reason if material is very specific, the cost and delivery time will increase.

In materials you can consult the available options to disc springs such as their specific features. In the case of doubt, our specialists will recommend you the most adequate solution to your problem.