If you need the delivery before the delivery time presented in our web, consult us to see other delivery time options. We can offer delivery times until 12 hours. In case of the material does not appear in stock, we can do direct shipments from factory with reduced times.In addition, you can consult for any product and see when they will be in stock.

Delivery times for the material in stock depend on the selected transport. Also depending on the selected transport, delivery times change for Spain from 24h to 4 days and in the case of Europe from 2 days to 10 days.

Consult us for products which not appear in stock or for higher quantities than we have which are not available to an immediate delivery. If you consult us, maybe the material that you want is about to arrive and if it's not we can offer you the best alternative based on your necessity.



When you have done the purchase in our web, it will be shown you the most appropriate shipping methods to your order. These methods will be based on the weight and the destination of the order, searching a balance between price and time. If you want a different type of shipping method due to time or other delivery problems, consult us to assess different options. We have experience in a lot of shipping methods and we are able to answer absolutely your requirements.

The shipping methods you will find on the web site can change depending on the weight or destination of the product. We show you everyone of them:


In shop pick up system:You can send your own freight forwarder for pickup the material in our warehouse. Be sure the package is prepared prior to pickup as well as the pickup schedule.It’s necessary that the material is already paid before it's picked up. You may also pay the material at collection, but in this case it’s obligated to pay cash. It will not be accepted bank checks.

Urgent:We will ship the material, freight prepaid through our forwarder. We will Invoice you the shipping expenses. Delivery time in Spain takes between 24 and 48 hours and in Europe from 2 to 4 days. This transport method is available for deliveries until 40 or 50 kg depending on the destination. If you want higher weight consult us and we will answer your request.

Normal:We send your material through our forwarder and we will Invoice you the shipping expenses.Delivery time in Spain takes from 3 to 4 days and in Europe takes from 7 to 10 days. This delivery method is only available to deliveries higher than 15 and 40 kg depending on destination.