Calculation Program

The calculator helps to set the stacks of disc springs. However, the information provided is theoretical and may sometimes be necessary to consider other factors of the application, such as friction, to correctly predict the behavior of the springs. Contact our technicians, to corroborate the calculations.

For the calculator, fill out and send the form below. We will send you the program for free to your email address.

The calculator requires Microsoft Excel version 97 or higher.

Calculation Program features:

  1. Force vs deflection graph of a spring or a stack of springs
    1. Chart information of spring force versus displacement (absolute or percentage) and displacement for a given force
    2. Spring lifetime (fatigue) for a particular application
    3. Material selection of the spring (spring correcting the curve as a function of modulus of elasticity of the material)
    4. Correction module of elasticity of the washer, depending on the working temperature from -260 ° C to 700 ° C (for those materials that allow it)
    5. Allows design disc springs with special dimensions, beyond the standard and analyze its performance.
    6. Includes list of standard measures in steel and stainless steel, as well as a list of alternative available materials.