Disc Spring DIN 2093 Stainless 

These springs made of stainless steel are elastic springs DIN 2093. They support dynamic works. Their resistance to corrosion is higher than standard steel due to the material. Catalogue includes springs made in steel 1.4310 (AISI 301) and in steel 1.4568 as known as 17-7PH.

You have to take in account that the elastic module of these materials is a little bit lower than standard steel. For this reason, the force of the piece will slightly change. To know more about it consults this link: materials


  • Disc spring stainless 1.4310

    Disc spring DIN 2093 made of stainless steel 1.4310 (AISI 301). These springs are designed to dynamic works with good resistance to corrosion.

    The force differences depending on the measures made in standard material are because of the elasticity of the module of this material.

    The abbreviated chemical name of this material is X10CrNi18-8. This stainless steel is only used in pieces with thicknesses higher than 2/3 mm. The temperature range to work this stainless steel is from 200ºC to 100ºC.

  • Disc spring stainless 17-7PH

    Belleville springs DIN 2093 made of stainless steel 1.4568 ( 17-7PH ). Designed to dynamic or static works as well. These springs made with this material has a good resistance to corrosion, so are able to work at inside or outdoor aplications.

    It is necessary to consider some force differences respect standard material, because of the elasticity module of this material. The chemical name of this stainless steel material is X7CrNiAl17-7. This material is not recommended for applications in environments with hydrochloric or hydrofluoric acids. 

    The thermal range for this material is -200ºC a 300ºC.

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